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Micellar Casein

Micellar Casein is a slow digesting protein.

Manufactured using a low temperature ultra filtration, a superior manufacturing process

Micellar casein provides a lengthy release of amino acids because of its unique digestibility. It forms a gel in the stomach, slowing the transit time in the digestive system thus slowing the digestion of the protein. This makes it ideal when a slow and lengthy supply of protein is needed. The micellar casein offered by Reflex Nutrition is manufactured by ultra filtration of skimmed milk - this process removes excess lactose and fat. The resulting raw material is about 85% protein. Micellar Casein from Reflex Nutrition is not to be confused with acid casein or caseinates which are made using manufacturing processes which can denature the protein rendering it less valuable from a nutritional perspective. The protein found in Micellar Casein is un-denatured, providing approximately 80% Casein protein and 20% Whey protein.

In a ground breaking study (1), carried out by Dr Yves Boire, the differences in metabolic responses of whey protein and casein were individually observed over a 7 hour period in 16 young & healthy volunteers. The findings were very interesting, and have shown that both Casein and Whey have very different applications when it comes to maintaining and building muscle tissue.

Micellar Casein research findings:

  • Casein was found to inhibit muscle breakdown by 34% over a 7 hour period.
  • Blood plasma amino acid concentrations remained significantly higher over a 7 hour period with casein compared to whey.
  • Blood plasma amino acid concentrations dropped dramatically after 3 hours in the group consuming whey.
  • Although blood plasma levels dropped dramatically with whey, the net increase in protein synthesis was boosted by 68%

Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

Take 3 heaped measures (approx 46g) and mix with 450mls of water or milk in a blender or Reflex shaker