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Native Whey

Instant Whey now contains superior Native Whey Protein!

Reflex Nutrition now uses two fundamentally different type of whey protein; Native Whey Protein and Standard Whey Protein.

New Instant Whey with native whey is set to change the face of sports nutrition. By using native whey protein isolate in the formula, it provides significant, unique, performance and health benefits. It is unmatched within the market.*

Native whey provides significant additional benefits - Containing up to 166%** more bioavailable cystine (two cysteine molecules linked by a disulphide bridge) and up to 16% more L-leucine than other forms of whey protein. L-leucine helps build and repair muscle, whilst cystine is essential in the production of the body’s master antioxidant glutathione which is vital for optimal immune function and therefore recovery after strenuous exercise.

We partnered with one of the world’s newest, most sophisticated and environmentally sound dairies to bring you native whey protein isolate extracted directly from fresh skimmed milk. It is this superior process that is carried out at low temperature via complex ultra and membrane filtration that captures virtually every single highly valuable biologically active protein fraction in its native form.

Just like the previous formula Instant Whey is still one of the only whey protein powders in the world where every finished batch is laboratory tested to ensure that it delivers a market leading 80% level of protein. This is done in accordance with ISO 17025 quality standards and procedures.

Instant Whey contains an improved version of our renowned Muscle DriveTM peptide complex. This complex is a precise combination of two muscle building ingredients:

Peptide-bonded glutamine - This is glutamine in a highly absorbable format, especially suited for use in combination with native whey protein where it is utilised more effectively by the body than standard free form L-glutamine, thus helping recovery after strenuous exercise.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein - Newly formulated with higher levels of whey protein hydrolsate. This is specially selected with a high degree of hydrolysis which is rich in low molecular weight peptides and amino acids. The body can absorb peptides much faster than whole proteins, thus allowing for an almost instantaneous 'hit' of muscle building amino acids.

Contains added probiotics & digestive enzymes - Another big difference that has always set INSTANT WHEYTM apart from the competition is the standard inclusion of the very special Digezyme® digestive enzyme complex and LactoSpore® probiotic spores. Digezyme® has been extensively studied and shown to enhance protein digestion, whilst LactoSpore® probiotic spores, similar to those found in yoghurt, provide for a healthier gut.

Amazing range of flavours and sizes - New Instant Whey now comes in a huge and improved range of flavours and sizes to suit just about everyone. You will be amazed just how easily they mix and how good they taste. More importantly we hope you’ll notice the significant improvements we have made to this highly acclaimed product.